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Oops, 24 hours has gone by!

Tagging [ profile] jaune_chat with the prompt "six of one, half a dozen of the other"

Good luck!

It's 10:53 p.m. EDT, 2:53 a.m. GMT
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*Is this thing still on?*

Is everyone getting notifications? If you suspect you aren't, do go ahead and curse LJ but ALSO please make a habit of checking the comm manually at least once a day.
And if you know that you can't take your turn, don't just let the time expire. Either leave a comment or PM a mod as soon as possible so that we can keep the game moving.
If you need to drop out entirely, that's also completely okay. Just let us know so we can take you off the list!

And now, next up is [ profile] ellipsicalelle with the prompt: "Knives and Forks"

The current time is 13:20 GMT.
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With no response from the person previously tagged, the baton passes to [ profile] lilithisbitter!

Your prompt is: once burned, twice shy

The time is 10:53 p.m. EDT, 2:53 a.m. GMT.

Sorry for the late tag! No mods were able to be online this evening.
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With no response from the previous player, it's over to [ profile] obstinatrix, with the prompt:

a one-time offer

The time is 3:42 pm Eastern Daylight Time, which Google informs me is 7:42 pm GMT.
[Edited to correct your mod's inability to tell the difference between adding and subtracting.]

Good luck!
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With no report from the previous player we're moving on to...

Player: [ profile] sjames_centre
Prompt: cherry
Current time: 20:15 GMT

And just a note, if anyone starts a fic but is unable to finish it by their deadline, we would LOVE it if you finish it anyway and post it during the amnesty period at the end of the round! Because smut is a terrible thing to waste.
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Hey everyone, we noticed that the previous player's entry was posted to AO3 a couple of hours ago but not here. We are unable to reach the author but assume that she is sleeping the sleep of the valiant warrior after writing like crazy to get the fic posted on time. In the interest of keeping the game moving, we're going to go ahead and make the next tag and let [ profile] missdaviswrites post the fic here later.

Next up: [ profile] kestrel337
Prompt: Moonlight
Current time: 07:35 a.m. GMT
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Say you tag Person A, post your tag, but then realize it's A's blackout day, so you edit your post to tag Person B.

Well, it turns out that Person B will not get an LJ notification even though you've properly formatted their LJ username.


So, if for whatever reason you need to switch targets when you're tagging, first edit the mistaken post, but also please make a new post with the correct tag. Because LJ. Sad! Such a loser!

Thank you and now let us all headdesk freely.
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The first tag of the round goes to:

Player: [ profile] beltainefaerie
Prompt: Cupid's arrow
Current time: 12:00 noon GMT

You've played before so you know how it goes, but for those who are new, to reiterate:

1. You have 24 hours from the above "current time" to post your smutty creation.
2. After you have posted your fanwork, tag someone else in a new post with:
 -- Their username in LJ formatting (that should ensure they get a notification)
 -- A new prompt, which should be usable for any pairing and any adaptation
 -- Your local time and time zone

To everyone: Please make sure you are tracking the comm in a place you will be sure to get notifications or checking FREQUENTLY to see if you have been tagged. The tag begins when it is posted, not when you see it!

It is also helpful if the person who is tagged drops a quick comment as soon as they've seen the tag so we know they are working on it. :)

Let the porn begin!
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Hi everyone, I am fighting with the wifi connection from a remote Swiss village and hope I'm not screwing everything up but it looks like there was no response to the last prompt. If I have everything right, that was [ profile] nathaniel_hp's third chance and the only other player left is [ profile] lyricaxxx. Can you do it, [ profile] lyricaxxx? With the very fun prompt "a bicycle built for two"? It is currently 16:08 Central European Time and we just switched to daylight savings time last night so you'll have to do the math yourself. :)

If I've messed up and there are more players left please let me know. Thanks for hanging in there, everyone!
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No reply from [ profile] nathaniel_hp, so let's turn back to [ profile] luvsev with the same prompt!

hold on tight

Posted 6:43pm PST (1:43am GMT)
[identity profile]
[ profile] obstinatrix sends regrets, so I will hand it off to [ profile] 6napoleons instead!

Your prompt:

Jealousy doesn't suit you.

Posted at 3:28PM PST (11PM GMT).
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As 24 hours have passed without any response, we are moving on to [ profile] obstinatrix with the same prompt: "even better than the real thing."

The time is 5:20 a.m. GMT/UTC on 17 March.
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The last deadline has come and gone with no response, so we're moving on.

The new randomly generated player is [ profile] meredydd with the same prompt: "I didn't say you couldn't"

Posted at 5:50 a.m. GMT/UTC on 12 March.
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After three passes let's have a new prompt!

[ profile] tazlet, you are up with...

Birthday Suit

Time: 15:44 UTC/GMT
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As [ profile] tazlet has passed, I'm moving on to the next victim in line, [ profile] tigerinflight.

Tiger, your prompt will remain birthday suit.

Get to! Come on, chaps, it's nearly the weekend. We can do this.


Posted at 10:28am PST; 6:28pm GMT.
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Sorry, mods were sleeping. As the last player did not respond within 24 hours, the baton passes to...

[ profile] okapi1895

... with the new prompt: "For want of a nail"

Starting time: 8:50 am Central European Time
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Looks like we need a new player! [ profile] flubber2kool, you are up with the prompt "Fire and Ice".

Posted at 22:24 Central European (summer) Time on April 1st.
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The previous player being unable to finish, let's give it over to [ profile] vaysh with the prompt: "Bedknobs and broomsticks"

Posted at 17:34 Central European (summer) Time on 31 March.
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Come on guys, we're so close to the end! Power through.

[ profile] lordstarfish, your prompt is you've ruined my favorite shirt.

Posted 2:03PM, British Summer Time (GMT +1)
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It's been over 24 hours since the last tag with no response, so let's try [ profile] obstinatrix with a new prompt: "Eager, are we?"

P.S. This was posted at 17:38 CET on 27 March.

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