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Name:Come At Once
Website:rules & regulations
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Come At Once... A Sherlock Holmes multi-verse 24 hour porn challenge.

Rules & Regulations | Participant Masterlist

come_at_once is a porn writing challenge for the Sherlock et al. fandom. The game will be limited to the number of participants that sign up ahead of time, and will run for as many days as there are writers (five sign-ups = five days, twenty sign-ups = twenty days). Each writer has 24 hours to create a fanwork, post and/or link to the comm, and tag the next writer. Then that person has 24 hours, etc.

The Run-Down
+ A sign-up entry will be posted, and people will be then able to put their names on the list. Only people who sign up will be eligible to participate, but anyone can sign up!

+ Sign-ups will run for a week, or until the sign-ups reach 50 (!) writers, whichever comes first. A list will be compiled of all participants, and the mod will randomly choose one person to begin, give them a prompt and 24 hours, and see how they do.

+ When the first writer has completed and posted their fanwork, they pick a new name from the Participant Masterlist to tag with a new prompt! Then that new writer has 24 hours, and so on, until all participants have had a chance to play.

+ There is no minimum or maximum word count requirement. It's up to you! Whatever you can get done in 24 hours is fair game.

+ The 24 hours allotted begins when the tag is posted, not when the participant notices the tag. Because time-zones can be tricky, tracking the community may be a good idea so that you know exactly when the post went up. And go ahead and comment on the tag post to let us know you saw it!

+ Because the Sherlock Holmes fandom is a multi-universe experience/extravaganza, all 'verses are welcome. Canon!ACD porn can follow Sherlock porn can follow Elementary porn can follow Ritchie porn, and so on. The Great Mouse Detective is also game, and frankly I'd love to see someone take that challenge on.

+ Likewise, the author can choose any pairing (or combination of pairings!) they like. The tagger does not choose the pairing/'verse, the author does that.

+ All kinks and scenarios are welcome; please use warnings accordingly.

+ If you get tagged and cannot complete a fanwork within the 24 hour window, it's okay! Post to the comm with "Pass" as the subject and tag a new participant (either with the prompt you were given or a new one). If 24 hours goes by without a new fanwork or tag being posted, the moderator will tag the next participant. Players who miss or pass their tag will not be penalized, and will stay on the list for another chance.

+ Once you have finished a fanwork within the 24 hour window, you can either post it directly to come_at_once (under a cut), or to the archive of your choice with a link from the comm. Either way, make sure you make some sort of post to the community with a header that includes title, author, pairing(s), rating, warnings (if necessary), and a short summary of your fanwork (if necessary). You can tag the next participant in this post or in a separate one.

rules & regulations taken from/inspired by salt_burn_porn and stop_drop_howl
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