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Hey everyone, this is a heads up that some parts of the world switched to Daylight Savings Time last night, including large parts of the United States.
However, most of Europe doesn't switch until 26 March, in 2 weeks. Australia doesn't switch until 2 April except for those places that don't observe it at all.
Many other countries have different dates too. Here's a list if you're interested.
Basically, it's going to be a huge headache figuring out time zones from here on out.

So please, when tagging the next player, just state your local time and time zone, and whether you are observing Daylight Savings Time. Don't attempt to figure out what the equivalent is in London or anywhere else. If the next player is not sure what their deadline is, they should ask the mods for a ruling.

And now back to your regularly scheduled porn!
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Holmestice Winter 2014
Banner by the lovely [ profile] sherlockholmes

Holmestice is an all-Holmes anonymous gift exchange now in its 4th year!

Sign-ups are open through October 13th! Fanworks will be due on November 24th. Posting will happen December 1st - December 21st.

Come join the fun!

(Thank you [ profile] mistyzeo for letting us pimp our community!)
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Originally posted by [ profile] methylviolet10b at FOUR days until...JWP 2014!

Every July, [ profile] watsons_woes hosts a month of daily writing prompt challenges! Since we're in the spirit of things finished in 24 hours, we are like kin. It's always a fun time. Click the picture above for more information.

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