Feb. 9th, 2017

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Welcome to Round 7 of [livejournal.com profile] come_at_once, a porn fanwork challenge for the Sherlock Holmes multi-verse fandom. The game will be limited to the number of participants who sign up ahead of time, and will run for as many days as there are creators (five sign-ups = five days, twenty sign-ups = twenty days). Each creator has 24 hours to create a fanwork, post and/or link to the comm, and tag the next creator. Then that person has 24 hours, etc.

Comment on this sign-up entry to add your name to the list. Only people who sign up will be eligible to participate, but anyone can sign up!

Important! Please see new rule below concerning blackout dates, and include any blackout dates in your sign-up comment.
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For this round, we're introducing two new rules that we hope will keep the game moving briskly.

1. Each participant may specify up to three blackout days over the next two months when they can't be tagged. When it's your turn to tag someone, please pick someone who doesn't have a blackout day beginning in the next 24 hours. For instance, if you're tagging someone at noon on February 27, don't tag anyone who has blacked out February 28.
Blackout days will be listed on the Participant Masterlist, alongside participants' names.
If you're accidentally tagged on one of your blackout days, you're welcome to alert us, either by email or with a comment on the tag post. But you don't have to, and don't worry about it; the mods will step in and tag someone else. Also, we realize that the system is imperfect since people live in different time zones, but accounting for time zones was ... a headache, so this is the best we could do.

2. If you're tagged on a non-blackout day but can't take up the challenge, you can pass once. A second pass takes you out of the game for this round. (And only for this round! You're welcome to join again next time.)

Have at it, friends!

Signups are now closed, and the games have begun!

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Sign-ups are proceeding at a lightning pace, but if anyone would like to promote the challenge anywhere, or just pretty up their wall, here are some banners:

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